Terms and Conditions


Johannesburg and Cape Town Monday to Thursday 08:00 to 16:30 
Fridays 08:00 to 15:30 Please note early Friday closure

Durban Monday to Friday 07:30 to 16:30

JHB 24 Hour Fax Line 011 - 674 5559 for sales, customer services, and account queries. 

24 Hour Fax Line 011 - 472 3095 for administration department (Do not use for orders if possible).

Cape Town 24 Hour Fax Line 021-593-1260 for sales, customer services, and account queries.

Durban 24 Hour Fax Line 031-564-7530 for sales, customer services, and account queries.


We supply our products and services as a wholesaler to the picture framing trade only. The following guidelines have to be met in order for a person to qualify as a Supreme Mouldings customer. Qualification based on the guidelines below will give you access to our products at wholesale prices.

·        Be actively involved in picture framing.

·        Operate a full time business.

·        Have regular business hours.

·        Be in possession of the required machinery.

Please note that any person visiting our showroom, who is not registered as a picture framer with Supreme Mouldings, will be requested to fill in a customer qualification form to ensure that they meet the above criteria.
For the convenience of registered picture framers, our wholesale price list is displayed in our showroom. Should you as a picture framer send one of your customers to our showroom to select a product, please be aware that your customer will have access to this price list. Should you give any person permission to collect your order or to buy product on your account, we request that you supply a letter of authorisation in order to safeguard yourself.

Supreme and Style frames



Although the majority of our product range is of local manufacture, the raw materials used are either imported or sourced locally. We therefore have no control over variations in paint or stain colours, changes in imported foils or products being discontinued by overseas suppliers. Although we will do our best to advise you of changes in advance, Supreme Mouldings reserve the right to discontinue and/or change items without prior notification.



Corner samples are available for any moulding on request. Please allow production lead time of 48 to 72 hours depending on quantities ordered. All samples/catalogues supplied at no charge will remain the property of Supreme Mouldings.


·        Premier Mountboard Corner Set

·        Premier Mountboard Swatch Deck

·        Crescent Regular Mat Board Corner Set

We do not manufacture Crescent samples. These sample sets may be out of stock occasionally. All no charge mount board samples remain the property of Supreme Mouldings.


We have included, for your convenience, a column designating pack sizes in lengths per pack in the price list. This is determined by the size and shape of the moulding in order to avoid damage during transit. In the case of imported items pack sizes are beyond our control. Smaller quantities would result in damaged moulding being delivered to you. Aluminium mouldings are packed 6 m per pack (2 x 3m standard lengths). Wood mouldings vary in length from 2.0m to 3.1m. When executing your order we will supply you with a quantity equal or closest in excess to your requirement to ensure that you have enough product to complete your frames. You will notice that most of the smaller profiles are wrapped in two lengths per pack to avoid damage. Please note that it is not possible to split packs.


We at Supreme Mouldings endeavour to be a one stop source for all your framing/decor product and service needs. We are committed to continually providing you with high quality products, fast friendly personal service and value for money. To this end we are constantly upgrading and improving our product range. We therefore would ask you to keep us updated on any changes in your postal address so you can be sure to receive our regular mail drops and product updates. Should there be product lines you would like to see in our range, or if you feel there is anything we can do to improve our service to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. The majority of our moulding profiles are of our own manufacture and should you require any profile or finish that is not available as a stock item in our range, we have the facilities to manufacture special runs to order. Please note that these runs are subject to minimum order quantities that will vary according to the moulding required. Please note that moulding widths and colours descriptions have been included in the price list for your convenience. The width in millimetres indicated is the overall size of the moulding including the rebate.

Supreme Mouldings is proud to offer Wall Decor, Curtain Rods and Architectural mouldings. Please speak to your sales representative for updates/presentation of such ranges.


Interest will be charged on all overdue accounts.

Ordering Information


To assure you of the best possible service, please review the following guidelines when placing a telephonic order.


·        Trading name of your company.

·        Product number and the quantity you require.

·        Product code and description where applicable.

·        Your name and company order number.

·        Delivery method. Specify road transport carrier name if applicable.


·        Time and date your order was placed.

·        Name of the person taking your order.

This information will assist in speeding up any queries you may have regarding your order, delivery, etc.

Please insist that telephonic orders are read back to you using the phonetic alphabet i.e. 15B for Bravo - 6 metres. 15D for Delta - 6 metres. This will avoid the inconvenience to your customer that could be caused by incorrect supply. Wherever possible, place your orders by fax, or email.

·        Sales fax: JHB 011 674-5559 CT 021-593-1260 DB 031-564-7530

·        Telephone: JHB 011 086 8888 CT 021-593-1133/4 DB 031-563-6934


Should a product (excluding samples) you require not be available ex-stock at the time of placing your order, a facility exists that will enable you to place the item on backorder. If you advise our sales team at that time, the product will be backordered. The information is captured in our computer system and the product will be supplied as soon as the stock becomes available. Please note that products are not backordered unless you specifically request it. Delivery charges do apply to backorders. We would however recommend that you take your backorder with your next delivery.


Not available through our Cape Town branch*Courier orders will not be joined.

Supreme Mouldings offer a frame cut to size facility on our Wood, Enviroline and Aluminium range of products. This option will save you the expense of purchasing product lines that do not move high volumes in your operation, in cut or cut and join format. You are protected from the risk factor involved in excess product being damaged prior to another framing job for that item is required. Certain moulding profiles in our product range exceed the maximum cutting width on a foot-operated guillotine, and our chop and join facility puts you in a position to offer these products to your customer. Please note that a minimum of 1 meter will be charged for. Due to problems with deliveries, we do not offer a joining service for frames over 1, 2 meters in length due to the risk of damage.

Chop Service orders to be faxed

When ordering chop service please furnish the following information:

·        Profile number required.

·        Internal size of the frame (the exact size of the finished artwork or the glass size) in millimetres. Our chop service department will make the allowances required for the artwork or glass to fit.(2mm)

Chop service - Please specify if you require the frame cut and joined or cut only. A flat rate fee of R6-00 per frame will be charged for joining, which includes corner touch ups if necessary, as well as packaging to protect the frame during transport for delivery to you. 50% deposit payable for customers with credit terms “COD” on all chop services

Aluminium chop service - Please specify if you require joining kits as these are not supplied with our metal chop service unless specifically ordered. Joining kits can be ordered in single frame packs, or in bulk packs that will accommodate 100 frames.

PLEASE NOTE: Orders of 20 or more frames require a 72 hour production lead time.


Should you place an order for collection at our warehouse, please allow 4 hours for processing from the time of placing the order to collection of your goods. Invoices for collect orders can be obtained from our showroom team prior to goods being picked up from our Despatch. Should there be more than one order placed, please ensure that the person collecting your goods has a list of all the products that have been ordered. This will avoid the inconvenience of goods left behind. Collect orders must be collected within 14 days, if not the order will be credited and a handling fee will be charged.



Supreme Mouldings operate regular delivery services in the Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town areas. We request your co-operation by placing your orders before 16:30 on the day prior to your delivery. Due to the number of delivery stops and delivery volumes encountered in the daily delivery schedules, it is not possible to request specific delivery times (i.e. before 11:00 or after 2:00). We ask your co-operation in allowing our drivers to complete their stops in the shortest time possible. Unnecessary delays can result in the daily delivery route not being completed and products having to be rescheduled for the next available delivery day. Please note a delivery charge will be charged on all deliveries.


Prices quoted are ex-warehouse Supreme Mouldings. We take great care in packaging your orders to ensure they arrive on time and undamaged. Occasionally however, material is damaged in transit due to circumstances beyond our control. Road transport and rail claims for loss and damage will not be processed by Supreme Mouldings. These claims must be made with the independent carriers. Independent carriers are telephoned to collect your goods as soon as the orders are ready, and once we have contacted them their response times are beyond our control. Please note road transport and rail charges are for your account. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours processing time from the time your order is placed until it is despatched.


Under no circumstances may goods be returned without proper authorisation and the necessary documentation. This could result in a delay in credits being passed where due or disputes regarding product sent back. We wish to point out that our drivers have been instructed not to take back goods without valid pick up slips. If it is necessary to return goods, please furnish the invoice number on which the purchase was made to speed up the processing of your credit note. Ensure that when goods are handed to our driver, a signature for the quantity of product that has been given to him is obtained. This will avoid any discrepancies between quantities sent back and quantities credited. We reserve the right to apply a handling charge on all goods returned without valid reason and request that damaged goods are sent back with the original packaging as far as possible. Supreme Mouldings does not accept any responsibility for goods returned without documentation and any subsequent discrepancies arising. We will not accept goods back that are not in the original packaging, or mouldings that have been mitred. Only damaged goods will be accepted back for replacement. Damaged goods must be returned within 7 days from delivery.


Please note that claims for goods short delivered or damaged must be made within 24 hours after receipt. Although we take every possible precaution to avoid goods being damaged during transit, we request that you inspect your product as soon as our drivers have left and advise us of any discrepancies. Claims entered into more that 24 hours after delivery shall not be deemed valid.