AC403144 - 1L

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  • Properties: Water soluble pasting adhesive that must be mixed at a 4:1 ratio – 4 parts glue to 1 part water before use. Suitable for all normal paper borne art, photographs and mountboards. Product must not be used on porous papers (e.g. rice paper) as adhesive will seep through causing damage.

    Preparation: Prepare only the desired amount, do not pre-mix for storage as adhesive will lose some of its properties. Before diluting stir raw product to ensure that all the components are properly mixed. Measure out the glue quantity and add water at the specified ratio. Stir thoroughly until mixture becomes smooth.

    Application: Brush application is possible, but for the best results the use of a hard roller is recommended. A rubber roller of the type normally used to lay down ink in the printing industry is best suited.  Roll or brush out the mixture onto the backing in a relatively thin and even spread layer to avoid wrinkling of the paper art due to excess moisture.  Position the artwork and press down working from the centre outwards to squeeze out any air bubbles. If a vacuum press is available, use this for the final pasting process. If pasting is done by hand, the use of a second, clean and dry roller, will give perfect results.