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Established in 1978, Supreme Mouldings embarked on its journey as a distributor and manufacturer specialising in picture frame mouldings. Over the years, our company has evolved into a prominent business offering a diverse range of high-quality products, including wall paneling, skirtings, mouldings, and mirrors.

Our commitment extends to embracing latest manufacturing practices , ensuing continuous growth and delivering solutions to meet evolving customer demands.

Our Values

Business with Integrity

Integrity is our motto, guiding every aspect of our business. We prioritize honesty, transparency, and trust to build lasting relationships.

Respect for Each Other

Respect is fundamental to our company culture. We aim to create a collaborative environment where everyone's unique contributions are valued.

Respect for Our Environment

We use recycled materials in 99% of our products. By supporting Supreme Mouldings you are also supporting your environment

Perseverance and Resilience

We firmly believe that perseverance and resilience are the ultimate factors for triumphant business.

Excellence in Product and Service

Our commitment to exceptional quality ensures that every customer receives the best possible experience

Leadership by Example

When you lead by example, you are aligning your actions with the values and principles you espouse.

Local Is Lekker

As passionate South African manufacturers, we take great pride in our solar-powered warehouse located in Johannesburg and our expansive 9000m2 facility in East London.

With a workforce of over 200 dedicated employees spread throughout the country, we understand the significance of supporting our local economy. Every product we create is crafted with love and care by South Africans, for South Africans. Together, we strive to make a positive impact and build a brighter future for our nation.

Made proudly by South Africans for South Africans. copyright
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