Green Initiative

Why Enviroline?

Enviroline is 100% South African, made by South Africans for South Africans. Enviroline the brand is made up of high density polystyrene based Picture Frame mouldings, Architectural mouldings(skirting's, flooring profiles etc) and Curtain Rods.

Enviroline is manufactured from recycled material and is recyclable making the product range one of the "greenest" products of its type found within South Africa.

All Enviroline/synthetic products manufactured by Supreme Mouldings are made up of 80-100% recycled material. This has been made possible by Supreme Mouldings setting up its own collection and recycling facilities across South Africa. Supreme currently processes about 10 000 cubic metres of material a month that would have ended up in a landfill somewhere within our beautiful country. In simpler terms this equates to about two rugby fields stacked 1 metre high with waste material.

Within the Enviroline brand you will find other significant sub product groups being "Enviro Veneer", "Enviro Wood", "Eco skirt" and "Villa Elegante". These ranges have been developed to protect one of the world's most precious commodities being wood. Supreme Mouldings were the first company in the world to apply real wood veneer to a synthetic substrate. From a "green" perspective the "Enviro Veneers" are sourced from renewable forests and the percentage of trees being cut down diminishes tremendously due to its synthetic substrate.

Linked to our "green" initiatives Supreme Mouldings has strong social responsibilities. A few of these social responsibilities include:

  • Siyakanda Aids Project.
  • Adult basic education programmes in the Eastern Cape region.
  • "Save the Rhino".

A portion of every sale made on any Enviroline product will go towards the "Save the Rhino" project.

Thank you for purchasing a truly world class South African product made by "South Africans for South Africans".